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Camp Jansen Seminar Notes

Camp Jansen Seminar Notes Hosts: Matt Jansen, Nathan Deashea, and Michaela Aycock Location: Arsenal Strength I’ve attended and hosted a LOT of bodybuilding related seminars. Matt Jansen’s stock is really hot right now with a client list containing Ian Valliere, Nathan DeAshea, Shaun Clarida, and Charles Griffen, just to name a few; as well as […]

My First Off Season in 6 Years Tracked

Following my first dance on the NPC National stage, I’m filled with motivation to approach my first goal oriented off-season since 2012. As a refresher to anyone reading this that hasn’t known me through my competitive journey, I took a hiatus from competing from 2013 – 2017. In 2013, I had competed for eight consecutive […]

Don’t Fear the Scale!

The body weight scale can be a very scary thing for many people. People often build up so much of their expectations, their definitions of fitness success, and have a strong emotional attachment to the number that shows up when they step on the scale. It should not be that way! The scale is ONE […]

Five Tips for Not Missing Meals

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of achieving any goal. Sticking to your meal plan is essential and will produce incredible results quickly. That’s easier said than done! Here are five tips for sticking to your meal plan and not missing those metabolism building meals!   Plan ahead Proper preparation is the number […]

Book Notes: Perennial Seller

Perennial Seller By Ryan Holiday Published 2017   Why I write book reviews, outlines, and reflections (link to bottom of page)   It’s no secret I’m a fan of Ryan’s work. I pre-ordered my copy of Perennial Seller while reading Ego is the Enemy, and couldn’t wait for this book to drop. Not only do […]

Book Review: Let Your Life Speak

  Let Your Life Speak By Parker J Palmer Published 2000     Why I write book reviews, outlines, and reflections (link to bottom of page)   This book is a gold mine of vocational wisdom that I would recommend to just about anyone.  If you have ever wondered “what’s my purpose?” or “am I […]

Book Notes: The Obstacle Is The Way

The Obstacle Is The Way Ryan Holiday Published: 2014   Why I write book reviews, outlines, and reflections (link to bottom of page)   I read Ryan’s latest book Ego is The Enemy last year and loved it. I would describe it as philosophy in modern language, with great examples to illustrate the concepts, and […]